Project Teams and Consultants

Consultant Certification and Opportunities

Read about how to become a GMS certified consultant. You may also like to read GMS's policy on consultant certification.If you are interested in joining a Grant Management Solutions (GMS) team as a consultant, please click below for further information.

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Grant Management Solutions' (GMS) teams comprise international, regional, national, and local consultants who provide the needed mix of country-specific knowledge and high levels of technical expertise.

The success of these teams, which have helped unblock millions of dollars of aid, reflects the importance that GMS places on selecting the most qualified candidates who also know local conditions and regulations. Consultants must also understand the importance of diplomacy and confidentiality, and favor collaboration. GMS's support is a team effort and thus relies on these qualities, since the consultants work closely with  country coordinating mechanisms (CCMs) or principal recipients (PRs).

GMS prides itself on using the talent and experience of consultants from across the globe. These consultants bring a host of expertise, language skills, and personal commitment to bear and are integral to the overall success of GMS. GMS maintains a consultant network of over 500 national, regional, and international consultants, local consulting firms, and partnerships.

Below is a breakdown—by percentage—of the regional origin of consultants engaged by GMS to date:

Africa – 32%
Asia – 13%
Latin America & Caribbean – 12%
Middle East & North Africa – 4%
Europe,Eastern Europe,Central Asia– 18%
North America – 21%

Once the U.S. government receives and approves a request for technical support, GMS begins its work. Each partner submits CVs of potential consultants for the technical area. GMS then submits those CVs to the CCM or PR for approval. Once approved, team members begin their preparation work.